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ARCH Program/Respite Services

If you are not currently receiving services from our ARCH program, you can easy find out How to get ARCH Services.

Families who have qualified for the program and completed the intake process have access to our recently upgraded Online Form Submission system.  This will give you the ability to update your contact information, view your available hours and usage history, and submit your forms electronically for reimbursement.  Using the online system ensures you the most accurate and timely payment processing.  Be sure to take advantage of Direct Deposit into your bank account.

If you have not completed the Annual ARCH Survey, your available hours will be zero and you will not be able to submit forms for reimbursement.

**An email address will be required in order to use the online submission process**


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FY 2016 Annual Surveys

Please complete the annual ARCH surveys by May 20, 2015. (click on above button)